Guadalupe Association


teacher. Humberto

We certainly have a great intercessor of our cause in heaven. Prof. Humberto Leal Vieira, a great supporter of life in its fullness, supported from the beginning the Guadalupe Association and collaborated with our work.

The teacher. Humberto Leal Vieira was the first Brazilian to become a permanent member and founder of the Pontifical Academy for the Life of the Holy See, in the same year that it was created by St. John Paul II. He later became a consultant to the Pontifical Council for the Family.


  • Administrator graduated from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (1962) with postgraduate course at the École National de Administration (ENA) in Paris (1965)
  • Retired Consultant of the Federal Senate
  • Ex-teacher at UnB and the CEUB
  • President of the National Pro-Life and Pro-Family Association – PROVIDAFAMÍLIA
  • Ordinary member (lifetime) of the Pontifical Academy for Life, appointed in 1994 by Pope John Paul II

He was a personal friend of St. John Paul II as pope and for this special friendship, he was taken a very beautiful path in the importance of valuing life by participating in the foundation of the Pontifical Academy for Life.


An institution created by Pope John Paul II on 11.2.1994 by the Motu Itself “Vitae Mysterium” is based in Vatican City.

The objectives of this academy are: study, information and formation on the main problems of biomedicine and law, related to the promotion and defense of life, especially in close relationship with Christian morals and with the guidelines of the Catholic Church.

The Pontifical Academy for Life collaborates with the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia whose activities are related to service to life. 

Currently composed of 48 ordinary members and 70 corresponding members. They are experienced professional members from various parts of the world: philosophers, medical sociologists, geneticists, biologists, jurists, psychologists, pharmacists, theologians, moralists, leaders of organizations that work in defense of life, etc.

The academy has annually, its general assembly and during the year a task force studies a subject for discussion of members in assembly. The academic papers are published Pontifical Academy for Life.


We know that the struggle for life is serious, urgent and very arduous. Those who fight for life also fight intense battles in their personal life history, but this motivates us to work tirelessly for the helpless, to give voice to those who can not even speak. And with every life saved, our hearts are filled with hope and love.