Symposium 2018

November 10 and 11, 2018.

Espaço Cassiano Ricardo

The event will take place at Espaço Cassiano Ricardo, on November 10th and 11th, 2018.
In the two days of the event, a total of 9 lectures will be given, in addition to coffee breaks and lunch on Saturday, 11/10/18.

The cost
So far, the estimated cost of the event is R$ 33,000.00 (Thirty-three thousand reais).
We estimate that this cost will be partially covered by the value of registrations, which are projected at R$ 70.00 (Seventy reais), obtaining donations and sponsorships.

Final considerations
Given the above, considering the importance of the event to reinforce the Diocese’s commitment to the Defense of Life, as well as the high costs involved, we would like to count on some financial help from the Diocese in carrying out this event.

We are at your disposal for any further clarification.

Thank you in advance

Mariângela Consoli de Oliveira

Speakers and Themes

Dom Ricardo Hoepers

Bishop of the Diocese of Rio Grande (RS)
“Philosophical assumptions of the inviolability and dignity of the unborn child.”

Janaína Paschoal

Lawyer and university professor
“There is no constitutional controversy that justifies ADPF 442”

Padre José Eduardo de Oliveira e Silva

Diocese of Osasco
“Ideological assumptions of the culture of death”

Dr. José Paulo Leão Veloso

Sergipe State Attorney
“Concrete initiatives to affirm the culture of life”

Dra. Chindla Brandolino

Argentine doctor
“Contextualization of the vote on abortion in Argentina”

Carmem Carmo

Pro-Life Agent – United States
The North American Pro-life movement and the great marches in defense of life

Hermes Rodrigues Nery

writer, teacher and journalist
The judicialization of the abortion issue in Brazil

Dra. Luciana Lopes Lemos

Gynecologist, obstetrician and master in public health
Testimonials of care provided with pregnant women

Padre Cesar Silva Rossi

Priest – Taboão da Serra – SP
“Spiritual combat in the defense of life”

Mariângela Consoli de Oliveira e Marilene Mello Macull

President and vice president of the Guadalupe Association – São José dos Campos.
Guadalupe Association: Five Years Believing in Life
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