Care after discovering the pregnancy:

I recently discovered a pregnancy, and now what should I do?

As we have already commented on our Blog, the discovery of a pregnancy can be a source of great joy for those who planned, however, still considering the mix of feelings experienced by the mother, the family and the couple. But, calm down, it is very important that at this time the physical and mental health is balanced and stabilized so as not to interfere in anything and always have good results and a peaceful pregnancy.

In this article you can find the necessary tips to guide and reassure you in this magical phase that is being a mother. Come on!

Look for a doctor

It may seem obvious, but it is always good that the first recommendation is from a specialist doctor, he will remain with you until the end of pregnancy, he will probably be with you during the birth. Monitors the development of pregnancy and the baby. There is even prenatal care, a very important and essential process in a pregnancy.

Healthy eating

Now you have a baby inside you, you need to think about the right foods at mealtimes to follow a healthy pregnancy and without future health problems, if possible also schedule a nutritionist to provide you with diversified and delicious meals.

In some cases, if necessary, mothers are advised to take folic acid, and some other supplements such as omega 3, folic acid, vitamin D and iron. Remembering – do not take anything without a prescription from a specialist doctor.

Move yourself

Contrary to what many say that pregnant women cannot exercise, they should and it is super approved that mom does. Of course, not with as much intensity and exaggeration as any other non-pregnant person. Choose light exercise, this action will only benefit you and your baby.

And last but not least

Take care of mental health

As I said at the beginning, the moment of discovery brings a lot of sensations, feelings, making the pregnant woman a little anxious, after birth too. So it is advisable that you create a support network – people who love you, who help and support you during and after pregnancy, it is fundamental for mental health.

Psychotherapy is the name of a treatment indicated for moments after childbirth and even puerperium, helping women to deal with their mood swings, adapting to a new routine and issues related to self-esteem.

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