Associação Guadalupe


The dream of creating this association was born in the heart of God who seeking people committed to taking the project forward, came to us and took over our hearts. We welcome future moms, giving them affection, attention and especially security to make the right decisions, according to our Catholic doctrine. Moms in a situation of social vulnerability, undecided about the continuation of pregnancy, find here a safe haven, because they have a multidisciplinary team capable of supporting them.We take care of the body and soul of mothers and children, we defend the dignity of human life from the beginning, because where there is life, it must be preserved in its entirety.We fight so that nothing can interfere with this process. We know the difficulty, but above all we trust that if God allows him to come to us, it is because we are able to execute his plans. We want to grow to be able to serve more and more pregnant women, because we imagine how many lives are lost along the way because they do not have the knowledge about our existence. We are also fully aware that we are a little sip in the ocean, but with the help of other souls decided by life, we will do much more.

We ask for help from all those who think. Your donation works wonders, multiplies and saves many lives. His donation rescues souls to Jesus and gives hope for us to continue fighting for these children so devalued by society, for their usefulness has been lost or subjugated. But lives matter, so we can’t rest as long as there are moms who need support to see their children born and grow up healthy, becoming conscious adults. We make our current accounts available, so that when your heart is touched, your generosity and love will reach us. You can also help us monthly with fixed amounts, starting at R$ 19.90. Whatever the value, your donation will do wonders for our project. Fábio de Melo once said: “ofness when together, they grandete.” We are very small in the face of all that God asks of us, for life is our most precious asset, but our smallness added to yours, makes our heart giant by faith and enables us to embrace the pro-life cause, giving hope to those who need it most. Open your heart and be part of this movement, for we cannot trivialize life! We have already begged God’s blessings upon you and your family.

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