Population control and its false narratives

After decades of anti-Natalism, prohibiting families from having children they want and even with sterilization and forced abortions, Chinese authorities are now talking about lifting all restrictions and even looking to create incentives for the population to have children, due to the low birth rate and the consequent aging of the population.

The impetus for population control is the desire to be like a god, to implant the planned world, arbitrate on private life. Population constriction is one of the strongest manifestations of dictatorial desires in our time. This evil is present not only in China, but here in Brazil as well.

The strategy of the controlists is multifaceted. Since the 1960s and 1970s in the West, pro-family planning advertising has appealed to various discourses. In the U,000s, for example, an advertisement was aired by a “pregnant man” with the phrase, “Would you be more careful if you were the one who got pregnant?” The call tries to deceive that there is genuine concern for women and the solidity of families by calling man for greater responsibility. Ledo mistake! how demonstrated an academic paper published in the progressive journal Gender & Society in 2018, movements for population control in India used “machismo” as a way to reduce birth. The article looked at how controllists focused on men and not women in their campaigns to convince people in India not to have children. That’s because they realized that in Indian culture, the decision-makers, is in fact man. That is, the goal is population control.

According to another article published in the International Journal of Health Services (Hartmann, 1997), this movement operates internationally and has its origins in social currents of the 19th and early 20th centuries, especially in the eugenics movements, with a priority focus on the so-called poor countries.

The saga for population control has mobilized entities around the world for decades, as has been abundantly recorded in history. This social engineering movement has been building an anti-life culture that seeks to transform our culture and normalize the sterilization of relations between men and women, as well as the disposal of human lives.

Freedom, human rights and the dignity of human life depend on the understanding and destruction of these ideas artificially created by such movements, so that all antinatal influence of our mentality and culture can be excised.

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Written by: Marlon Derosa Columnist of the site National Studies and professor in courses on geopolitics and bioethics. Master in Bioethics (Jérôme Lejeune), author of the books “Forced Abortions”, “Hidden Abortions” and organizer/co-author of the book “We need to talk about abortion: myths and truths”. Training administrator, has a post in project management and is executive director in dozens of publishing projects.

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