Birthing guide: understand more about normal birth

Many pregnant women in the final stretch of pregnancy have that dilemma “normal birth or cesarean?” That's the question, but in this article I'm going to introduce you to everything you need to know about vaginal birth.

And this is all very understandable, it really is a lot of anxiety and doubts. In this sense, this article was born, a guide on normal birth – yes, normal, because the next one will be about cesarean section.

Ah, if I were you I wouldn’t miss reading these articles for anything.


Also known as natural childbirth, this process takes place when the fetus exits the mother’s vaginal canal, without the need for a surgical procedure. Unfortunately, in some cases it is necessary to induce natural childbirth by cesarean, because both the mother and the child are at risk of life.

But, remember only if you are at risk of life, otherwise normal birth is well indicated and safe.

Now that you understand what normal birth is, let’s talk a little about the benefits that this process brings to mom and baby:


As stated at the beginning, many women think about how they will look after giving birth, I mean physically and aesthetically. But one of the benefits of natural childbirth is:

  • Faster recovery;
  • Prevents scars;
  • Less infections;
  • And less risk of death.

In this sense of aesthetics, natural childbirth leaves almost no traces, and that’s why it can be the darling of many moms, hehehe.


The benefits for the fetus are almost the same for the mother, as

  • Less risk of infection;
  • Easier to breathe;
  • Greater bond between mother and child.

Amazing right? Normal birth is science, and magic (despite the pain), seeing your child’s face is priceless and worth any pain and suffering.

Finally, given these benefits, if possible opt for natural childbirth, I guarantee you will not regret it.

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