Guadalupe Association

Fiscal note Paulista


Consumers who prefer to register a favorite entity to receive credits for their purchases with CPF will be able to make the automatic donation of their tax coupons in a simple, fast and safe way. To activate the option, simply log in to the system through the App of the Invoice Paulista,for smartphones and tablets, or on the program’s website and select the option “Automatic Donation With CPF”. Choose the institution of your choice and the period you want to donate. After registration, the tax coupons of all purchases in which the consumer informs the CPF will be automatically allocated to the entity chosen care. Thus, in addition to helping in the cause in which he believes, he and the institution compete for exclusive draws, with a total of 655 prizes totaling R$ 6.7 million every month. Note Paulista – You ask, many people win!

Step by Step

Register on the website direct from The Invoice Paulista to be able to direct all your invoices in donation to Associação Guadalupe.

2º Step

Click entity, then donation to choose the entity you chose.

3º Step

Enter the CNPJ of the Association to leave it already registered automatically.

 INSTITUTION CNPJ :20.149.598/0001-92

4º Step

Confirm the Chosen Entity

5º Step:

Finalize your registration by confirming your donations.

Ready, now whenever you go to any establishment, ask to enter your CPF in all your purchase invoices. Thus the State passes on the Guadalupe Association a small percentage of the collection and so, you will be contributing a lot with all the work of the Guadalupe Association.