To be a pro-life it is necessary to be supported by three pillars: Prayer, Perseverance and Work.
To be a pro-life it is necessary to be supported by three pillars: Prayer, Perseverance and Work.



To be a pro-life it is necessary to be supported by three pillars: Prayer, Perseverance and Work
“Social Worker and post graduated in Social Work, but Christian by vocation and, watching the reality of helpless pregnant women, I decided to join forces with other people who cherish the sacredness of human life”
Mariângela Consoli de Oliveira
“Listen, my son, there is nothing to fear, do not be worried or scared; do not fear this disease, nor any other unpleasantness or distress. Am I not here, beside you? I am your giving Mother. Didn’t I choose him for myself and take him in my care?”

Virgin of Guadalupe

Guadalupe Association: Tribute to Mothers

Guadalupe Association broadcast on TV Canção Nova


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Associação Guadalupe


The dream of creating this association was born in the heart of God who seeking people committed to taking the project forward, came to us

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"To speak of Guadalupe is to speak of a human uterus, a uterus that welcomes, a uterus that embraces, that finds its very reason for life. Congratulations, God bless, thank you to all of the Guadalupe Association that makes this uterus pulse like a true heart. to exhale this love so strong, so genuine "

Tônio Tavares
Tônio Tavares

Founder of the Jesus Menino Community - Petrópolis (RJ)

"I had the grace to visit the house of life Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is a pulse of life! It is a joy, a celebration, to be present in this place, because there, one feels that it is possible to save human lives: innocent, fragile lives , small, excluded ... in a society where everything is disposable, there is a flame of hope "

Dom Ricardo Hoepers
Dom Ricardo Hoepers

Diocese of Rio Grande (RS)

"The nobility and urgency of this cause, lead me to love and help the Guadalupe Association since its inception. It is the answer that our heart has always wanted in the face of a problem faced by many women, who want to have their children, but do not know what to do in that moment of great social and psychological difficulty ".

Padre César Silva Rossi
Padre César Silva Rossi

Dioceste of Campo Limpo (SP) and Spiritual Director of the entity of its foundation

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Mass Schedules

Thursdays 8:30 am

First Saturday of the Month Cenacle of Our Lady: 8:45 am

Mass – Remembrance to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: 9:30 am

Mondays Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: 9 am to 12 pm