7 Signs You May Be Pregnant:

As stated earlier in our (Blog) discovering or distrusting a pregnancy involves so many feelings and sensations that are almost inexplicable for the woman, so in this article I will tell you some signs that maybe your body is giving that a new life is being generated in your womb.

  1. Menstrual delay

Right away we can point out that menstrual delay is among the first signs that the body gives a woman. In some cases the pregnant woman, but still menstruating normally only in the early stages, this situation has been little evaluated by specialist doctors, since bleeding is considered a risk in pregnancy – the next article will be about bleeding during pregnancy, stay tuned to understand everything about this subject.

What is indicated in these situations is to analyze the amount of blood and the frequency at which it goes down, as the hormonal symptoms are very similar to those of a pregnancy, and then it is “normal” for this type of situation to occur.

2. Excessive tiredness

Another darling (or not so much 🙂 is excessive tiredness, fatigue and a lot of stress, this is because the movement or manufacture of the placenta requires a lot of energy producing some hormones responsible for this tiredness.

3. Sensitive breasts and/or areola darkening

During pregnancy, the breasts prepare for breastfeeding, becoming heavier, painful and larger, this event can be more noticeable in the 6th and 7th week. To alleviate the pain, it is advisable that, during pregnancy, the woman wear a support bra during the day and at night, in order to help support the weight of the breasts.
The bra should be as comfortable as possible, with no iron and wide straps, as the woman may change size as her breasts grow over time.

4. Lower back pain

In the third trimester it comes, back pain comes to all pregnant women (unfortunately), this is due to the size of the belly, its growth and the effort of the lower back to support the weight forward.

5. Aversion to strong smells

As said, the production of several hormones increases a lot during pregnancy, including progesterone increasing the smell, taste, smell and taste which can often make the mother more sensitive to smells and easily nauseated with them.

6. Mood swings

In this sign, the cause of this is estrogen, directly affecting the woman’s reason, making her laugh intensely, cry in the same measure and get irritated easily

7. Morning sickness and/or vomiting

It has been proven that a field in our brain called the “vomiting center” with the increase in HCG, the command is sent to this area causing morning sickness and vomiting more present in early pregnancy, so many women are more easily suspicious through this signal.

What’s up? Do you have any of these signs? Remember that taking a blood test is the most indicated to have a more accurate result and schedule a prenatal appointment as soon as possible to monitor the pregnancy.

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