Capela do Santíssimo completa 1º ano

Chapel of the Most Holy completes 1st year

The year 2018 was especially full of achievements for the Guadalupe Association. Among the numerous reasons worthy of celebration is the main one: the installation of a chapel inside the entity’s head office in São José dos Campos. Chapel of the Most Holy completes 1st year

Transforming the place into a particular Church was an old dream of the leaders of the Guadalupe Association, but in addition to goodwill it was necessary to count on adequate conditions to receive and maintain safe, such treasure of the Church.

“It was a dream for all of us to have here a chapel, a place reserved for prayers. As our mission was solidified we managed, without great difficulties, authorization with the diocesan Bishop authorization to have a chapel here”, explained the president of the entity Mariângela Consoli de Oliveira.

Our chapel that is doing 1 year, was created using an aedicula, which is at the back of the land where the institution works, the chapel gained an air of serenity and warmth, thanks to the structure created to receive the Blessed Sacrament.

The highlight is the Ostensório, created especially to value the dignity of the sacrament and reinforce the importance of the place, which is the most important of the house where the institution operates. The ostentatious exhibition of the Most Holy also has a special meaning. “We created a wooden structure with the silhouette of Mary, in reference to our Marian charism. Later we realized that when observed from the back the wood carving resembles a fetus. A happy coincidence that made a lot of sense to all of us,” Mariângela said.

Masses – The chapel of the Association is open to all the faithful of São José dos Campos, especially those who belong to the community of Santana in São José dos Campos. Masses always take place on Wednesdays – Fairs at 8am.

May God’s mercy allow us to celebrate many anniversators of our chapel in the coming years, thus bringing our charism to more and more people, saving lives and generating healthy children for our society.

We are gathered for devotion to the first Saturdays of each month, obeying a request from Our Lady of Fatima. On Saturdays, Mass starts at 9:00 a.m.

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