From Naninha to door ornament, pregnant women discover crafts in workshops

When the pregnancy course, offered throughout the year by the Guadalupe Association, begin sane, not knowing for sure what kind of information she will receive throughout the course. From Naninha to door ornament, pregnant women discover crafts in workshops

Barriers or resistances are broken already in the first class, thanks to the welcome and empathy of volunteers, especially those who work with workshops and training courses for income generation. In the sixty days that visit the houses, in addition to guidelines for motherhood and puerperum the pregnant women learn to do almost everything a little – from lollipop decorated to items for the baby’s room.

“All in a very relaxed and rich in detail, which will help pregnant women build possibilities for entrepreneurship in the near future.”

Our intention is this, that they can discover between the making of naninhas to door ornaments, the possibilities of generating some income after their babies have been born, keeping their minds occupied, taking care of their children and generating more balanced families.

The reaction on social networks is immediate, because in the photos the sweets and breads look delicious, and really are. Pregnant women take the opportunity to eat a sweetie at the end of each moment, it is a delight”, said Francisca Isabel Antoniazzi, who ministered the chocolate lollipop workshop.

How to help – All material used in the workshops is offered by the Guadalupe Association at no cost to pregnant women.

If you can collaborate by donating fabrics, confectionery or skilled labor, please contact us at 12 3941-5834 or in person at Av. Princess Isabel, 1235 – Santana – São José dos Campos.

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