Calculadora gestacional

Gestational calculator: what is it? understand here

As previously stated in our Blog, some tests are recommended for the woman to do it safely, and accurately at the time of the result. After confirmation, countless women get to know the gestational calculator, but what is it? learn here

What is a gestational calculator?

This method, as the name suggests, calculates the stage of development of pregnancy in the case of the months that are completed until the day of delivery. Of course, the data on the birth date are not always correct, and may anticipate or take a little longer, but it serves to guide the mother and herself to prepare for the arrival of her baby.

How is gestational age calculated?

Gestational age refers to the period in which the woman was or is pregnant, so it is possible to know by filling in the date of the last menstruation, this method also provides the stage of development in which the fetus is, so let’s the numbering:
First trimester; corresponds to the third month until week 13
Second trimester; corresponds to week 13 to week 27 starting the sixth month
Third trimester ninth month period week 28 to 42

However, it is important that you know how to monitor the development of the fetus, as well as its hearing, organs and limbs.

I don’t know the date of the last period and now?

As stated in the last article posted, the blood test can indicate whether you are pregnant or not more accurately, just analyzing the levels of HCG in your blood.

The methods for testing pregnancy have really changed and evolved a lot, however it is still very important for women to prioritize laboratory tests and visits to the doctor to closely monitor the growth of the fetus.

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