Here are two types of reliable and healthy pregnancy tests.

As we’ve discussed previously in our Blog, knowing about a pregnancy is a source of great joy in many homes and families that have been waiting for it. Being suspicious of a future pregnancy as well, is usually the first step in getting confirmation, and therefore tests are performed so that the woman and her partner are prepared for the arrival of a new individual. In this article I will introduce you to two types of reliable tests and healthy for your health.

Due to so many developments, it is currently easier to know if a woman is pregnant or not. In the past, traditional methods were used to discover a pregnancy, an example of which is that previously girls peed in a bag with barley and wheat, if the barley germinated it would be a boy, if the wheat germinated it would be a girl. When nothing happened, it was concluded that the woman was not pregnant.

Times have changed and everything is more efficient now, pharmacy and laboratory tests are more reliable and accurate at the moment of truth.

Pharmacy Test:
This type of test measures the presence of HCG in a woman’s urine, which is produced when she is pregnant, so doubts arise among women about the best day to perform the test. According to doctors, the test can be performed after one day of menstrual delay or after 3 to 5 days, if the woman already has symptoms of pregnancy, it is also indicated.

Blood test
However, regardless of the result of the pharmacy test, it is recommended that a blood test or laboratory test be performed, as it is possible to have a more accurate and reliable result. Accurately, the test consists of taking a quantity of the woman’s blood and analyzing whether the HCG levels indicate pregnancy or not.

What to do after positive?

See a doctor after performing the blood test and confirming a pregnancy, it is recommended that the mother seek a doctor who can evaluate and monitor her throughout the pregnancy.

Starting prenatal care, in the same sense, after the first consultation, you will start prenatal care to clarify doubts about pregnancy, how to take care of yourself and monitor the baby’s development over the months, until the day of delivery.

I hope that with these tips you, the reader and perhaps the future mom, take care of yourself, eat healthy and have a smooth pregnancy without risk.

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