The mission of generating lives

When we see a pregnant woman, we think of God’s greatness and the wonders he does for each of us! Generating a life is something extremely beautiful and mothers are special beings by nature.

Many go through the suffering of not being able to take their pregnancy to the end, an abortion when miscarriage interrupts the dream of pregnancy and leaves sadness, frustration and many questions unanswered. Families who go through pain like this, live the mourning for the unborn child.

But there are those, who willingly interrupt the pregnancy, either by pressure from society, by the negative reaction of the child’s father or even by selfishness of not wanting to generate that life, thinking that it will hinder his future.

We live in a sad reality, where women find themselves owners of their bodies and do not recognize as life, that being so helpless that develops inside, with heartbeats, cells, finally, life that pulsates, urgent, sensitive and strong.

Abort is a solution for many, unfortunately. Without the support of the family or father of the child who should be supportive and sharing responsibilities, these women feel all the weight of an unwanted pregnancy and see no other way out than to terminate the pregnancy, taking abortion medication, resorting to clandestine clinics, putting their own health at risk, to get rid of what is a great nuisance for her.

It is urgent and necessary for conscious people to stand up and say no to abortion, so that life may prevail, justice is done and those who have no voice can be born without danger. Abortion is not the solution!

Every movement that positions itself, as a defender of the dignity of human life, is known worldwide as pro-life. The movement is much more comprehensive and meaningful, as it involves the criminalization of abortion, euthanasia, human cloning and even the death penalty. In our specific case, we dream of a fairer society that says no to abortion, regardless of the situation.

Recently, Argentina legalized abortion in the country, a sad reality for those who defend life. We sympathize with the Argentine people, contrary to this decision, which was also perplexed and sad, to see how everything was conducted.

The pro-life movement here in Brazil is far from just theoretical, of people opposed to abortion only and who stand in favor of life. Starting for action, they are shelters for pregnant women, where all who are in a vulnerable situation receive multiprofessional support, from doctors, nutritionists, social workers, among others.Pregnant women are oriented in the care of babies, as well as receive entrepreneurship tips, contributing to the generation of income.

We need to guarantee these mothers the right to life and safety in deciding to have their children. The Guadalupe Association, aware of its role, embraces all these women with much love and wishes to see more and more babies being born to honor and glorify the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite you to know a little more about our association and be part of this project that was born in the heart of God and today allows life in fullness for all those who pass through us!

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