The trivialization of life

It was with great surprise and disappointment, that we became aware of a new legal abortion service by telemedicine and pasmem, it has 100% effectiveness for pregnancy cases up to 9 weeks.

The trivialization of life is reaching levels previously unimaginable, entering the modernity of online services as a function of the pandemic and where this is possible, more and more women will participate in this aberration. It is not up to us to enter into the merits of how it is done or discuss the dangers of this procedure so invasive, because our intention is to fight for the lives of pregnant women and unborn children.

They are defenseless lives that are torupted and that increasingly gains prominence, because countries where abortion is legalized are considered advanced. But we wonder, what progress is this that that defends death?

We understand that there are situations that sometimes seem justifiable for the interruption of a pregnancy, such as a case of rape, but let us not forget that life is a gift of God and it must be protected in all cases. There are countless testimonies of women and even children themselves, who were victims of rape, who came to raise this possibility, but thank God they gave up and generated decent lives and good people for our society.

We could mention several situations where life loses its value, to justify our struggle for a more just and egalitarian society, where life is respected in all scenarios, but our association receives women in situations of social vulnerability, giving emotional and medical support, so that their children develop more and more, within what is possible respecting the individuality and reality of each one.

The world stage is strange. In the Peruvian elections, the surprise candidate who will contest the second round of elections against the Fujimori clan, who ruled the country for a decade, began his campaign in the interior and gained the sympathy of the simplest, being personally against gender ideology, the legalization of abortion and homoaffective marriage.But his program of government has no coherence with the candidate’s thinking, defending all this, since it will take these issues for discussion in the Constituent Assembly if elected.

It happens that despite taking a stand against the legalization of abortion, leaders do not govern alone and when the matter is brought to a vote as occurred in Argentina for example, wins the majority, unfortunately.

Our world is sick and it is up to us to pray to God for mercy, asking for the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so that it may enlighten the minds of those responsible for deciding the future of nations.

Life needs defense, innocent people deserve a chance to come into this world and who knows how to make a difference when they become adults. The Guadalupe Association will always fight for life, counting more and more with your help and prayers.

If you want to engage in this fight together with our team, we will be very happy to welcome you, either as a benefactor of the work or even as a volunteer in our space, because we need a lot of help to develop our work efficiently. We are a little goo in the ocean, but making a difference in the lives of so many people who come to us is what gives us the certainty that we are on the right path, against what preaches the world.We are a little goo in the ocean, but making a difference in the lives of so many people who come to us is what gives us the certainty that we are on the right path, against what preaches the world. And if we’re against the system in this case, we’re on the right side. Think about it and be another soldier in this army in defense of life.

God bless you!

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