Birthing guide: understand more about normal birth


Many pregnant women in the final stretch of pregnancy have that dilemma “normal birth or cesarean?” That’s the question, but in this article I’m going to introduce you to everything you need to know about vaginal birth. And this is all very understandable, it really is a lot of anxiety and doubts. In this sense, […]

Care after discovering the pregnancy:


I recently discovered a pregnancy, and now what should I do? As we have already commented on our Blog, the discovery of a pregnancy can be a source of great joy for those who planned, however, still considering the mix of feelings experienced by the mother, the family and the couple. But, calm down, it […]

7 Signs You May Be Pregnant:


As stated earlier in our (Blog) discovering or distrusting a pregnancy involves so many feelings and sensations that are almost inexplicable for the woman, so in this article I will tell you some signs that maybe your body is giving that a new life is being generated in your womb. Menstrual delay Right away we […]

Here are two types of reliable and healthy pregnancy tests.


As we’ve discussed previously in our Blog, knowing about a pregnancy is a source of great joy in many homes and families that have been waiting for it. Being suspicious of a future pregnancy as well, is usually the first step in getting confirmation, and therefore tests are performed so that the woman and her […]

Gestational calculator: what is it? understand here

Calculadora gestacional

As previously stated in our Blog, some tests are recommended for the woman to do it safely, and accurately at the time of the result. After confirmation, countless women get to know the gestational calculator, but what is it? learn here What is a gestational calculator? This method, as the name suggests, calculates the stage […]


Associação Guadalupe

The dream of creating this association was born in the heart of God who seeking people committed to taking the project forward, came to us and took over our hearts. We welcome future moms, giving them affection, attention and especially security to make the right decisions, according to our Catholic doctrine. Moms in a situation […]

Guadalupe Association: A place of welcome and hope

Increasingly we are surprised by news that shows the insistent idea that the solution to many social problems – and even personal – is to literally discard human life (whether still in the womb or in a hospital bed). In the midst of this reality, support houses such as the Guadalupe Association, in São José […]

From Naninha to door ornament, pregnant women discover crafts in workshops

When the pregnancy course, offered throughout the year by the Guadalupe Association, begin sane, not knowing for sure what kind of information she will receive throughout the course. From Naninha to door ornament, pregnant women discover crafts in workshops Barriers or resistances are broken already in the first class, thanks to the welcome and empathy […]

Chapel of the Most Holy completes 1st year

The year 2018 was especially full of achievements for the Guadalupe Association. Among the numerous reasons worthy of celebration is the main one: the installation of a chapel inside the entity’s head office in São José dos Campos. Chapel of the Most Holy completes 1st year Transforming the place into a particular Church was an […]

Free Course for Pregnant Women – Open Classes

Free Course for Pregnant Women – Open Classes The Guadalupe Association, an entity linked to the Diocese of São José dos Campos, opens registration for the free course for pregnant women. Free Course for Pregnant Women – Open Classes Pregnant women from 4 to 38 weeks of gestation who live in São José dos Campos […]